Saturday, January 27, 2007

In lieu of deep thoughts

Q: What were James Brown's last words?

A: "I don't feel good."

Amazing performer. Take this test - listen to a James Brown song. You've heard him before -- millions of times -- but you still can't keep still. He still sounds cool, x decades later.


Two bumper stickers on one car, seen in last Wednesday's commute:

"I can't sleep: Clowns might eat me"


(with a photo of a floppy stuffed-toy bunny)
"Have a good day, you worthless turd"

I so wanted to follow this car and find out where it was headed.


Alex Adams said...

And there goes my ginger tea! I agree though, it's impossible to sit still when listening to JB.

You need to see Dreamgirls when it gets to Aus(if it's not already). Eddie Murphy plays a cross between James Brown and Marvin Gaye. Very cool.

Pat said...

That first bumper sticker was my recurrent childhood nightmare. Uncanny! Here I thought I was uniquely bizarre...