Monday, March 19, 2007

The Growth

Well, here it is -- day sixteen of the beard. I'm enjoying it more than I thought; it adds a lot of grey, but I rather enjoy that.


Nichola said...

I am reminded of one of the insults I threw at my stubbly dad. We have that sort of relationship.

"You can't grow a beard on EITHER of your chins!"

Ho ho, I kill me, I really do. But your face fungus is most poetic. I think you should aim for somewhere between jail escapee and inbred ringmaster.

A handlebar moustache a la Victorian pervert would set it off marvellously!

poetinahat said...

What would I do without you, nich? You're the cardamom in my froot loops.

PattiTheWicked said...

Love the stubble, Rob. Are you going to keep it with that Colin Farrell-eqsue look, or are you aiming for more of a Grizzly Adams kind of thing?


Anonymous said...

You're on your way to lookin' like a True Alaskan -- Hope you wander "Inside" soon! Laughter, Splotch