Friday, June 22, 2007

Part 3 - postscript

Er, my comment about 'balance' was more curt than it ought to have been. Poorly considered, in fact. My apologies, abjectly, to my two friends who suggested a balance.

I'm coming around on the idea. I'm indebted to you even for reading. Thank you.


SK said...

I wouldn't write the "Don't Like" article. This is a personal blog, not a dang newspaper, or network news broadcast. Balance shmalance. I've been enjoying your little series of articles about the things you do like. I learn as much about you as I learn about Australia. I don't think I would bother reading about the 100 things you don't like.

Kappa no He said...

Mmm, I can totally relate to this. Living in a second culture loss of words right now, not always easy. There are so many wonderful things, so many not so wonderful things. And in general (for me at least) it is much better to concentrate on the positive.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to listen to you bellyache for a hundred points? Not I, said the fly.


Rebecca said...

yeah, I agree.... what if you simply don't wanna think of a hundred bad things about Australia??!

I love your lists, by the way, it cool to see what things 'stand out'
about Australia.

Frank Baron said...

Rob, don't beat yourself up.

You hardly ever deserve it. ;)