Thursday, June 05, 2008

Political Poetry Corner: "Primary Colors"

With apologies to the redoubtable William Haskins - this poem is a topical adaptation of his poem, Colors. (password is 'citrus')

We watch
the vote in States of red
to end the scourge of
Tax and Spend,
to keep the guns
upon their shelves --

and pray we don't get shot ourselves.

We watch
the vote in States of blue
to boost the Poor and
Middle Class,
to pay for doctors everywhere --

at home in castles in the air.

We watch
the cars bedecked in yellow
ribbons to proclaim
as soldiers risk their lives in toil --

those cars, they burn a lot of oil.

We watch
campaigns in Black and White
with tales of preachers'
God-Damn gaffes,
or sniper fire in Serbia

no worse than in suburbia.

We feel
the words congeal to grey,
the bungles bundled
end to end,
they summarize America --

we drown in esoterica.


Frank Baron said...

Very incisive Rob. Good stuff. :)

Son #1 has become a rabid Obama supporter, so much so, that he often says "we" in reference to Americans. When gently reminded he is a Canadian and indeed, still lives in Canada, he just mumbles and changes the subject.

He might have a future in politics. ;)

Kappa no He said...

Wonderful poem and so true.

That's funny what Frank said too.

Jamie said...

Ha! I didn't realize this was posted here. Loved it elsewhere and it's no less clever here on blogger.

It works in and of itself and as a nod to its inspiration, it's much fun!

Tina said...

Tag :) You're It

xysea said...

Hi Rob,

I loved this piece, not only because I agree with the sentiments and politics of it.

(PS I forgot you had a blogspot. So do I; I've added you to my blog roll - I hope you don't mind!)

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you have a blog. I'd hate to see a single piece of paper wasted on your words. Don't try.
Icarus I.

poetinahat said...

Wow - that's a long time to hold a grudge. I'm flattered, even if you are so brave as to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I stay away from politics. Religion on the other hand . . . Well . . . you've read my stuff.

Very well written, Rob.

Did AW get shut down again? What's up? I was ready to post Valentine's Gift as promised and couldn't get in.

You are as bad as I am BTW. 10/29/08? My last update on my site was 12/21/08. We're ghosts, LOL.