Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Poem I Left Behind

I am alive and I am tired;
forgotten tea, my tepid cup.
The world's asleep, it's half-past-two -
So why am I still up?


Janna Qualman said...

Simple, but full of such inspiring little nuggets.

I'm excited to follow you, Rob! You'll be my go-to poet. :)

Frank Baron said...

Because Muses are finicky. :)

Meaney said...

Er... this is off topic... but I'm going to bet that your new profile picture is of a Haida totem pole in Ninstints village on Anthony Island (in the Queen Charlotte Islands off the west coast of Canada).

Anonymous said...

See, if you drank beer instead of tea that wouldn't happen.

: )

Good to see you flexing those poetic muscles again bro.


poetinahat said...

It's a start - thanks, gang.

Meaney, you're spooky. It could be Haida - not sure. This remnant is in the Saxman Native Village in Ketchikan, AK - but I didn't find out who'd made it, or whether it had been brought from elsewhere.

Mike said...

Been a while, Rob. You use elements of Modern Minimalism without the proper structure. Interesting. You have always fought this.

Good poem.


poetinahat said...

I'd be interested to know what elements this poem has in common with your MM. I'm definitely not using that form here, so it's a coincidence.

I haven't ever fought your MM form, though - it's just not something that suits me.

Cheers, Mike. I do wish you well, and I thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Rob :D
This poem is the story of my life, lol ... amazing how it can be summed up in just a few words. ;-)
I like it!

SaraP said...

Please tell me you're not taking cues from me. Staying up at 2/3 am is my thing. :)