Monday, February 05, 2007

Call me *what*?

Today, in an email exchange, a friend gave me a winking, good-natured insult. And then she called me 'sugar'.

I didn't think people spoke that way anymore. It felt what I imagine as Southern: sophisticated, dignified and clever. I've never been so delighted with an insult; it made me as happy as many a compliment has.

This is why I'll never be a politician; I'm too easily swayed.

Which reminds me: Why hasn't the leather garment industry ever used the slogan "easily suede"? It just seems a natural.


Kiskadee said...

Hi sugar! Thanks for the link!

Nichola said...

I have a friend who calls everyone sugar - to me, someone who comes from a stiff-upper-lip, strictly-no-terms-of-endearment family, it feels icky. So I asked her to stop. She didn't. THAT'S the annoying part.

I already know I'm lovable. Or is it loveable? I need caffeine...

louisgodwin said...

This must be why you and I have gotten along so well, what with all the bantering we've done in the past.

Btw, does this mean I get to call you "Sugar" too?

Frank Baron said...

I don't mind endearments at all when coming from friends. Or insults for that matter.

Endearing insults though, they're the best. :)

Tell you what though - my hackles rise when sales clerks, cashiers et al call me "hon" or "dear" as they snap their gum and avoid eye contact.

Hmmm...I think I've found a column....

Thanks Rob!