Thursday, February 15, 2007

Help me assimilate:

You hear that voice; I know you do. Ease his pain.

Now's your chance; make that voice go away. You -- yes, YOU -- can cool my fevered brow.

Please - just tell me:

What does W00t! mean?

Where'd it come from? Is it cool, 733t, trekkie, street, emo, what?

Or, you can keep walking. The choice is yours.


Nichola said...

It stands for "Wednesday? Out of time." I think it's something to do with making an appointment to have your ingrown toenail removed, and if the doctor offers to fix it on Thursday, you say "Woot!" to express your desire to have it done sooner.

Hope this helps.

Alex Adams said...

Here's the entymology right here.

w00t was originally an acronym for "we owned other team" but used 1337$p34|< for some of the letters(w00t instead of woot). It is now commonly used as an interjection of joy.

Rob, you are geek lite, my friend :D

"w00t! I pwn3d j00!"

Anonymous said...


It is the call of a dyslexic, fee-paying owl.


Anonymous said...


An owl playing a winning hand at cribbage and she shouts "WOW - Loot."



poetinahat said...

Ah, answers! I feel richer and more modern now. I thank you all, and Coral, I hope you'll be back. A proper introduction is in order.

Nich and Alex, I'm humbled by your respective creative bs and research abilities. 23-skidoo!